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My Name is "Aspiring"


Life * Faith * Confidence

Hi, My Name Is Aspiring!
So good to have you here.  


Are you ready to take your Faith a step further?

Are you ready to find your purpose?

Are you ready to set your life in a direction you know is a dream in your heart?

When you start our faith based coaching program, we will walk you though our proven curriculum that creates stronger confidence in who you are and what you are capable of. 


As you apply the 4 pillars, Awareness-Trust-Intention & Release, you will learn how to "harness" your thoughts and direct them towards positive life outcome. You will also learn emotions are God given warning signals and are not suppose to lead you, but to help you make a response decision.

For more information on our Mental Performance Coaching, contact Shaley Griffin.

Virtual option is available.                    325-669-3176

 If you have read different stories in The Bible about people who have had their names changed, you will understand my story. Peter's name was changed to ROCK" meaning "Strength" or "Solid", Sarai was changed to "Sarah" meaning "Mother of Nations" and there are many more. God changes peoples names to establish a new identity. It is a way to let them know they are destined for a new mission and to reveal God's Devine plan to be fulfilled in their life.

In 2017 I had it on my heart to start a Facebook Page to inspire people. I was praying and asking God, "what I should name the page" and He told me "The Aspiring Cowgirl". Do you know, I totally argued with God and gave Him a few ideas I thought were better. Lol, He was very persistent about The ASPIRING COWGIRL, so I realized He probably knows best and that is what I named it . Little did I know at the time that was my new name. After years of video's, podcasts and Facebook posts I got it!  I am "The Aspiring Cowgirl"!

The Aspiring Cowgirl means I direct my hopes and ambitions towards becoming a "Strong Woman of My Christian Faith" and if you talk to my husband or close friends, they will testify this is true.

The devil had me tied up in false identities for many years of my life such as "Fear", "People Pleasing", "Depression" and "Unworthiness" just to name a few.  I found freedom and broke out of those places of bondage along with many others. I have discovered I am not the only person that struggled with negative self-talk. I want others to find that freedom too!  So I started my journey to make an impact and help others find sound mind and emotional well-being. That is when I became the CEO of Aspiring Champions & a Mental Performance Coach.

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