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I want to help 1200 women discover how to build their
self worth in 2024!

Are you ready to live out your dreams?
Start a new career?
Build a stronger relationship with Jesus?
Find a way to live with better health & cognitive function?

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                                 Champion Coaching is for all Women because everyone has the potential to be a CHAMPION!

 Breakaway Ropers* Ranch Wives

* Farm Hers * Ag Women *

Rodeo Moms * Rodeo Athletes

* Teachers * Nurses & the list goes on!

Lets get you started on your journey to being the Champion You are created to be!

Shaley Griffin

ReAwaken Blueprint



Be intentional! Find a list of skills & things you love. 

What is 1 area you procrastinate in?

Do you know your limiting beliefs?

Microscopic steps create success!

Sometimes you need a lil help.

Connect with us!

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Lessons of Life:

Things I've Learned, Moments I Cherish.

Every woman has struggled at some point in her life with fear. It can show up in the most unsuspected places in our lives. For me, 40+ years of my life I hid behind a mask of people pleasing and I pretended I could do or be anything people wanted me to be. This made me feel insufficient, insecure and unworthy. The real me was scared! I had fear of being wrong, fear of failing and I feared people wouldn’t like the real me. After time in the Word of God, Freedom sessions and learning to take my thoughts captive, I realized I didn’t have to wear the mask anymore because I was chosen by my Father God and He created me to be strong, confident and valued. I no longer had to prove my self-worth to anyone but myself. Finally, I found true freedom! My journey of freedom hasn’t happened over night but I found a level of confidence I didn’t know existed. It has changed my outlook on life, the way I interact with others and the way I compete in rodeo. I did not find this freedom alone; partnering with Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been a huge part in my journey. I want to pass the love, joy, wisdom and knowledge I have found as a Woman of Faith on to other women.  I am living proof my voice is valuable and I was created for significance. I plan on living the rest of my days as a reflection of Christ to the people I encounter.

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