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“A Woman That Has 
A Belief in Herself”

“The true cowgirl is someone with the spirit, and it doesn’t mean that she comes from a ranch or the West, but just a woman who has a belief in herself and is gritty. And ready to take on any challenge.” ~ Tammy Pate

We are about to embark on an amazing & eye-opening adventure! It is for you to know more about what drives you to become your best self and how you can apply strategic mental principles for success in your life. Aspiring Champions will help you cultivate a winners attitude that can ultimately help and lead you to making your greatest contributions in our world.

An “Aspiring Champion” is a person who can transform fear, stress, and daily challenges of life in order to live out extraordinary results. This program teaches you to focus on your mindsets, physical abilities & Spiritual growth to flourish your inner confidence so you become UNSTOPPABLE in all that you do!

 “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world,
but you surpass them all! Proverbs 31:29 NLT

Aim Small, Miss Small

Having direction is the key to positive life outcomes. There is no denying there is uncertainty in the world we live in, but that does not mean you can't function at high levels of intensity. When you focus on a specific target you want to make sure you are confident in what you are aiming at. This statement, AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL, helps us step back and reevaluate what your actually aiming at. You possess the most powerful asset you can ask for, YOUR MIND! When you train your brain to focus on the correct target, TRUTH of God, you are UNSTOPPABLE! Weather you are an average person, a professional Business Woman or Athlete, you are capable of learning to "harness" your thoughts and direct your life towards positive outcomes! Email me & let me show you how.


Hi, I am Shaley Griffin and I am a Cowgirl Breakaway/Team Roper and a Spiritual Freedom Minister.

I have successfully coached thousands of women virtually and in person across the United States helping them build their confidence as an athlete, wife, mother, business owner & friend. My faith based curriculum is rock solid to help you develop your mental strength, overcome fear, shame & unhealthy thoughts & emotions. Empowering you to live your life with healthy mental & emotional well-being.

Why I do what I do?

I love what I do because there is nothing more fulfilling than being a conduit for Christ to heal a person from the inside out!

Why is this so important?

This line of work is so important to me because I understand my assignment on earth is to be a Vessel & Warrior living & fighting for God's people to be released from spiritual bondage, healed from past hurts & restored to complete wholeness! 

Why is this ministry right for you?

Everyone is searching in life for complete satisfaction. You might have tried to find it in your work, relationships or hobbies, but true satisfaction comes from your relationship with Christ & Christ alone. When you enter into a process of restoration from past experiences the world has dealt you, you will find what you've been longing for all along. It's not money, fame or a person, it's a trusting relationship with Christ. Sometimes you need a tour guide to help you along that journey, that is me. 

Virtually/In Person- $125 1hr session(12 weeks commitment Highly recommended to see transformation) Email me for payment options. 


Jessica Lynn-Minnesota

Hitting my rock bottom & truly a blessing in disguise for me & my faith! I started listening to the Aspiring Cowgirl podcast shortly into my divorce. I always heard Shaley say “if you would like to visit & chat about my program email me”.. I always giggled like “yah right, no one wants to hear my story or problems because I don’t even want to face them!
BY THE GRACE OF GOD; he told me to reach out to her & it literally changed my life, mentally, emotionally, & even how I patent/raise my children!

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