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 Everyone goes through a "Test" to have a"Test imony"

A Cord of Three Stands Is Not Easily Broken

Ecclesiastes 4:9

My husband, Sha and I have been married for 29 years. In 2014 the devil came to steal, kill & destroy our marriage. We were not living a life for the Lord at that time and sinful desires controlled our every move, but as a last resort we hit our knees and started asking the Lord to fix the broken pieces of our relationship and boy did he show up! He transformed us both through Christian counseling, a marriage ministry called Re-Engage at our church and two willing hearts that finally started putting Jesus in the middle of it all. We survived and are thriving in our relationship! We give Jesus the glory for us staying married and not becoming another statistic of Divorce. The last part of John 10:10 is that Jesus came to give us life. He has given us a life of unity filled with joy and peace and a marriage worth fighting for. Divorce is no longer in our vocabulary and we love giving back to the Re-Engage ministry God used as a tool to save our relationship. We highly recommend it to all of those who have a struggling marriage or a marriage that needs re-engaged:)- 




As an All Around Cowgirl one of my most memorable Championship wins was in 2016 during a team roping jackpot in Glen Rose, Texas where the producers were giving away multiple trucks for the WIN. I won not 1, but 2 trucks that day! One truck was for the high point Female Roper and the other truck was for the top #4 Roper, male or female! BOOM! I just broke out of mediocrity, made history and surprised myself! Believing in myself had always been a struggle of mine. Most people believe accomplishments like these must give a person strong confidence, but I am here to testify, the awards don't strengthen your self-worth. I found, my thoughts about myself or situations in my life were creating my low self-worth. I had to learn how to filter & harness my thoughts and then I could direct them towards positive thinking. When I learned to master this action, my attitude and life circumstances began to change for the better.  I want to share my expertise with others and that is why I created the horse therapy program I like to call "Horse Sensations". The horses help individuals that struggle in anxiety, low self-worth, past trauma, depression, grief and much more!   

Romans 12:2 Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Do you want to learn to Breakaway or Team Rope so you can be the

Roping Champion you are created to be?

If you are passionate about putting in the work it takes to be a Champion and you are ready to go all in, I am here to help you get there!

Call me or click the email button below and lets get

you going!

I can't wait to hear from you!            325-669-3176






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