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Do I need a coach? The answer is YES! A mental performance and spiritual coach is trained to see things you

can not yet see in yourself. They operate on a deeper level. Instead of focusing on your bad habits and blaming your family tree, they delve into places of unforgiveness, deep rooted beliefs or false identities such as people pleasing, unworthiness and rebellion.

Hi, I am Shaley Griffin and I am the CEO of Aspiring Champions; I am a Cowgirl that loves rodeo, a certified Spiritual Freedom Minister & Advocate at Fueled By Fire. I help individuals all over the world find mental strength and confidence as a rodeo competitor along with helping people in the general public through trauma, PTSD and emotional life struggles. Do you know what you were created for? People often struggle with finding purpose and direction for their future. If you want strong confidence then you are going to have to do what it takes to be the best version of you! Renew your mind, restore your future contact me at

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About Me


I am a Western Heritage Cowgirl. I am CEO of Aspiring Life Coaching. I am aSpiritual Warrior who fights for women all over the world to find their purpose and significance in the Body of Christ.


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