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How Can You Learn to Trust God?

Testing is what creates security, certainty and confidence. When you are living a true Christ centered life you will be able to trust God completely. Faith is believing in what you cannot yet see.

The questions remains, "why do bad things happen to good people"? There are so many things that are out of our human understanding in this world, but yet we still want an answer. I believe the wind blows, but yet, I can't see it. I can see the effects of it, but I do not have 100% understanding of "how" it blows. I know I have an unexplainable connection with my horse, but again, I believe you only know what that connection feels like if you've actually experienced it yourself. I have tested the connection with a horse several times and I know it works with every horse I have tried it on. The same has held true in my walk with my Lord Jesus Christ. When I was in the pit of my despair, my marriage was on the brink of divorce, I cried out to him and He showed up to put the broken pieces back together. When I was in a place I didn't know where my next paycheck was coming from, I cried out to Him and He provided. When I was fighting Depression, I learned I am righteous and the Lord paid a price for me, I was healed and no longer have to deal with it. When I lived in a false Identity of "People Pleasing" He taught me "I am Sufficient" and I found my true Identity in Christ. I have had to overcome many obstacles to get to where I am today and I have ventured, persevered and withstood multiple tests. It is through these tests that I can stand confidently to say my God is real! Jesus is my savior and the Holy Spirit is my guide and teacher. Does this mean I wont have more tests to come? No, it isn't about if I will be tested, but when. When I face the next storm in life my focus gets stronger and stronger on true target, Jesus, and it is through His strength I fight, not my own. This gives me peace and comfort in the future. You can have all that I have testified to also! Proverbs 31 says, She is clothed with Strength and Dignity and She laughs without fear of the future. Do you want that certainty and confidence? Take courage, connect with me and lets start your journey to be all you are created to be! Email me at

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